Space Policy Documents


The following list contains a number of documents and contributions that were considered significant to European space policy formation during the period in which the European Space Policy Workshops took place. The first three documents together represent the content of the 2007 first European Space Policy.

N.B. Several documents that were online during the Workshops are no longer linked due to removal of these texts from the online source, which was usually governmental.



Space Council Resolution on the European Space Policy adopted on 22 May 2007

European Space Policy adopted on 26 April 2007

Commission Staff Working Paper: European Space Programme - Preliminary Elements

Space Policy: Daring or Decline -- French Parliamentary report 2007 (Cabal/Revol)

Carpe diem: Europe must make a genuine space policy now (article by ICSS contributors in Space Policy, 2007)

U.S. National Space Policy -- 2006

Agenda 2011 -- ESA (from 2006)

A new paradigm for European space policy - a proposal (European Space Policy Institute report, 2005)

Framework Agreement between the European Communities and the European Space Agency (2004)

Agenda 2007 -- ESA (from 2003)

White Paper on European Space Policy -- Communication of European Commission (2003)

Resolution of the European Parliament on the European Space Policy adopted 9 October 2003

Resolution of the Belgian Senate on Space Policy adopted 20 March 2003

Green Paper on Space -- Communication of European Commission with ESA (2003)

National Security Strategy of the United States of America -- 2002

Relations Between ESA and the European Union, by Prof S Cassese, Prof T Daintith, and Prof Y Gaudemet, 2001

Towards a Space Agency for the European Union, Report to the ESA Director General, by C Bildt, J Peyerelvade, L Späth, 2000 (Wise Men's Report)

Investing in Space, Second Report of the ESA Long-Term Space Policy Committee, 2000

AIAA/CEAS/CASI Workshop Report: International Cooperation in Space: New Government and Industry Relationships, 1998

Assembly of Western European Union, Recommendation 595 on WEU and Helios 2, 1996

European Space Forum 6-7 November 1995, Brussels, 1995

Symposium, Munich, Germany, 4-6 September 1995: Twenty Years of the ESA Convention, 1995

ESA Long-Term Space Policy Committee Report: Rendez-Vous with the New Millenium, 1995

Communication from the Commission: Satellite Navigation Services - A European Approach, 1994

European Parliament: Rovsing Report on European Space Policy 2000 1994
European Commission, a Discussion Paper: The European Satellite Communications Industry, 1994

ESA Final Report: Europe at the Crossroads: The Future of Its Satellite Communications Industry, 1993

AIAA Report: International Space Cooperation, Workshop of March 1993, 1993

Communication from the European Commission to the Council and the European Parliament: The European Community and Space: Challenges, Opportunities and New Actions, 1993

Reflections on the quest for international cooperation, by G van Reeth and K Madders, 1992

Two Europes in One Space: The Evolution of Relations Between the European Space Agency and the European Community in Space Affairs, by Dr K Madders and Dr W Thiebaut, 1992

Comments on the Green Paper of the Commission of the European Communities on Satellite Communications Policy, ESA, 1991

ECSL: The Implications of the CEC Green Paper on Satellite Communications in Europe, 1991

The European Community Crossroads in Space, A Report by an Independent Advisory Panel, 1991

Communication from the Commission: Towards Europe-Wide Systems and Services - Green Paper on a common approach in the field of satellite communications in the European Community, 1990

ESA: Wider Horizons: Potential Contribution by Space Systems to Socio-Economic Advancement in Developing Countries, 1989

Communication from the European Commission to the Council and the European Parliament: The Community and Space, a Coherent Approach, 1988

Convention Establishing the European Space Agency, 1975