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the record of the European Space Policy Workshops series


Featured here isthe European Space Policy Workshops series staged between 2002 and 2007 by KU Leuven and Systemics Network International.

The Workshops were high level events aimed at the space community in Europe. They provided a venue for informal but intensive discussion of fundamental themes in an atmosphere of academic impartiality and rigour.

The reports of the workshops prior to the adoption of the first European Space Policy are available via the menu. The sixth and final workshop followed adoption of the first European Space Policy within the EU and ESA so as to review the policy's substance and implications. The report of that workshop is available here in pdf format.

Systemics Network International has in addition collected policy documents that were pertinent to the development of space policy at the time. These and other documents are curated in the SNI archive. Several are used as reference in teaching on space policy within KU Leuven's Masters in Space Studies programme that is offered in cooperation with other Belgian universities.


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